Australian wholesale Equilibrium products are a popular pick for retailers. These stunning Equilibrium accessories make the perfect gift, with a timeless style that is sure to suit every recipient. Gibson Gifts are always looking to curate a stunning collection of accessories, so take a look at the gold, silver and rose gold collections on offer to equip your store.



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  1. Eqlb Paua Shell Bracelet (3)
    Eqlb Paua Shell Bracelet (3)
    Product Code: 20697
  2. Eqlb Mop Long Clover Nlace (3)
    Eqlb Mop Long Clover Nlace (3)
    Product Code: 20699
  3. Eqlb Mop Clover Necklace (3)
    Eqlb Mop Clover Necklace (3)
    Product Code: 20700
  4. Eqlb Mop Clover Bracelet (3)
    Eqlb Mop Clover Bracelet (3)
    Product Code: 20701
  5. Eqlb Mop Clover Earrings (3)
    Eqlb Mop Clover Earrings (3)
    Product Code: 20702
  6. Eqlb Elegant Pearl Bracelet (3
    Eqlb Elegant Pearl Bracelet (3
    Product Code: 20703
  7. Eqlb Elegant Pearl Necklace (3
    Eqlb Elegant Pearl Necklace (3
    Product Code: 20704
  8. Eqlb Elegant Pearl Earrings (3
    Eqlb Elegant Pearl Earrings (3
    Product Code: 20705
  9. Eqlb Scarf Ring (3)
    Eqlb Scarf Ring (3)
    Product Code: 20706
  10. Eqlb Sparkle Bee Brooch (3)
    Eqlb Sparkle Bee Brooch (3)
    Product Code: 20707


Look no further than Gibson Gifts for the perfect gifts. This Equilibrium range of accessories will suit any style-seeking customer, with the option of choosing the colour and pendant of their choice. Each piece of jewellery comes gift packaged in a stunning box, ready to be opened by that special someone and attract quality customers to your door.