Are your customers looking for jewellery, and do you have a clientele that enjoys the finer things? Gibson Gifts has a stunning yet versatile collection of jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bangles, brooches and accessories that appeal to women of all ages. The Equilibrium range features gold, silver, rose gold, crystal and pearl pieces that are all beautifully packaged and very giftable. Stock your store with this exclusive selection, and order wholesale today by registering as a customer.



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  1. Eqlb Cross Christening Bangle
    Eqlb Cross Christening Bangle
    Product Code: 53353
  2. Eqlb Grd Angel Pin Protect
    Eqlb Grd Angel Pin Protect
    Product Code: 52604
  3. Eqlb Baby Boy Keepsakes
    Eqlb Baby Boy Keepsakes
    Product Code: 53324
  4. Eqlb 2 Tone Heart Necklace (2)
    Eqlb 2 Tone Heart Necklace (2)
    Product Code: 53309
  5. Aust Fauna Bracelet Echidna
    Aust Fauna Bracelet Echidna
    Product Code: 54165
  6. Eqlb Crystal Cross Necklace
    Eqlb Crystal Cross Necklace
    Product Code: 54155
  7. Eqlb Grd Angel Pin Safe
    Eqlb Grd Angel Pin Safe
    Product Code: 52608
  8. Eqlb 21St Keyring
    Eqlb 21St Keyring
    Product Code: 53328
  9. Eqlb Blossom Tol Necklace
    Eqlb Blossom Tol Necklace
    Product Code: 53317
  10. Eqlb Silk Pocket Mirror (12)
    Eqlb Silk Pocket Mirror (12)
    Product Code: 53945


Gibson Gifts is a preferred gift supplier in Australia, curating a collection of tasteful items for men and women. The jewellery you see comes packaged in a stylish box and can be presented in a number of ways around your store. Bring some luxury to your shop and make the day of your customer looking for a little sparkle.