Whether your store targets professionals or creatives, the Gibson Gifts collection of Australian wholesale Stationery & Pens has something for everyone. With finishes including rose gold, silver, gold, gunmetal, carbon plus a variety of different colours. Surprise your customers with a stunning collection of beautifully gift boxed pens that are guaranteed to make a tasteful gift for any occasion.

Stationery & Pens

Stationery & Pens

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  1. Bug Art Animal Note Book (6)
    Bug Art Animal Note Book (6)
    Product Code: 20442
  2. Bug Art Memo Pad & Pen (6)
    Bug Art Memo Pad & Pen (6)
    Product Code: 20444
  3. Anemones A5 Notebook
    Anemones A5 Notebook
    Product Code: 20970
  4. Anemones A4 Notebook
    Anemones A4 Notebook
    Product Code: 20971
  5. Anemones Address & Birthday
    Anemones Address & Birthday
    Product Code: 20973
  6. Anemones Memo Cube
    Anemones Memo Cube
    Product Code: 20974
  7. Anemones Shopping List (2)
    Anemones Shopping List (2)
    Product Code: 20976
  8. Love Music Stationery Set
    Love Music Stationery Set
    Product Code: 20881
  9. Honeysuckle A5 Notebook
    Honeysuckle A5 Notebook
    Product Code: 20967
  10. Diamond Cut Santa Pen (6)
    Diamond Cut Santa Pen (6)
    Product Code: 20542


Stationery is something we have to interact with every day. Whether it be for work, for art, or simply to jot down notes, it’s always essential that we have our favourite stationery at the ready when and where we need it. That’s why Gibson Gifts, as an established stationery wholesaler, is here to ensure you and your customers have a full range of wholesale novelty stationery and pens in Australia. Bringing together high-quality manufacturing and wholesale prices, the Gibson wholesale stationery range is hard to beat.

Shop Our Full Range of Wholesale Custom Pens & Stationery

These Stationery & Pen packs are sure to be well used by customers and businesses alike. They also make fabulous gifts for those who like to write or like to furnish their office with stylish Pens and Stationery. Gibson Gifts is an experienced Australian stationery & pen wholesaler, so start offering your customers the functional gifts and products they are looking for.

Why Buy Art Printed Pens Wholesale From Gibson Gifts?

As a business owner, you need to be able to stand out from your competitors, and that means having consistent, unique, high-quality products that keep your customers coming back. As one of Australia’s most experienced giftware, pen and stationery wholesalers, we offer a wide range of high-quality products ranging from art-printed pens to socks, beanies, jewellery, and more. So, when it comes to quality, we have a reputation to uphold.