With communities still requiring direct access to rapid antigen tests (RATs) across the globe, it’s important to ensure that you have the stock to keep up with demand. Gibson Gifts is offering TGA-approved cheap wholesale RATs from a brand known for its high-accuracy results for COVID-19. Shop with Gibson Gifts today and feel safe in the knowledge that you’re shopping with quality products.



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  1. Clungene Rapd Antgn Test S5
    Clungene Rapd Antgn Test S5
    Product Code: 00316
  2. Cellife Rapid Antigen Test S5
    Cellife Rapid Antigen Test S5
    Product Code: 00354

Shop Our Full Range of Wholesale Rapid Antigen Tests

Stocking popular and trusted Rapid Antigen Test brands - choose Gibson Gifts as your go-to online destination for wholesale RATs. With the inclusion of GSD Novagen Rapid Antigen Tests, as well as Cellife Rapid Antigen Tests, and also, All Test Oral RAT tests - you can trust that Gibson Gifts will stock up your store inventory with superior quality RATs whose quality your customers can trust. We also proudly stock MaskiT face masks for those of your customers who want to stay extra protected from the Covid-19 Virus. Better yet, you can purchase MaskiT face masks from us wholesale, to re-sell to your customers at a profit - increasing your store revenue. 

Why Choose Gibson Gifts for Your Wholesale Rapid Antigen Tests Inventory?

As well as being Australia’s leading wholesaler for over 60 years, Gibson Gifts take great pride in how promptly and efficiently we send orders out to our retail partners. Secure your wholesale stock inventory through us, and we will do the hard work in sourcing great products for you to re-sell to your customers. You can rely on us to procure a wide range of superior quality inventory items for you to purchase wholesale. Increase your profit margins and revenue by sourcing your wholesale items through Gibson Gifts. Your customers will love the items you obtain through us, and you will love the profit you make by acquiring them from us wholesale.