House plants always make the best gift, especially when the handmade pots have fun puns to lighten the mood in the house or the office. Approved retailers can order from the Plant Therapy range at wholesale prices and stock them in their store, providing the perfect gift for a friend, family member or even some decor for the home or office.

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy

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  1. Happy Face Pot Lge (3)
    Happy Face Pot Lge (3)
    Product Code: 53913
  2. Owl Mini Pots (3)
    Owl Mini Pots (3)
    Product Code: 53914
  3. Retro Pot On Stand (3)
    Retro Pot On Stand (3)
    Product Code: 53915
  4. Retro Mini Pots (3)
    Retro Mini Pots (3)
    Product Code: 53916
  5. Plant Therapy Straight Pot (3)
    Plant Therapy Straight Pot (3)
    Product Code: 54500
  6. Plant Therapy Patterned Pot (3
    Plant Therapy Patterned Pot (3
    Product Code: 54501
  7. Plant Therapy Footed Pot (3)
    Plant Therapy Footed Pot (3)
    Product Code: 54502
  8. Plant Therapy Round Pot Lge(3)
    Plant Therapy Round Pot Lge(3)
    Product Code: 54503


Plant Therapy is a fun, eclectic gift product for any type of store. Your customers will love the puns embossed on these handmade pots, with the artificial plants ensuring there is no maintenance and care. Choose the optimal shape and style to suit your store's size in these cute sets of 3.