Choosing and framing a photo that captures a special moment or celebration is always a meaningful gift. Gibson Gifts offers a big collection of timeless photo frames and albums. Available in a big variety of different sizes and finishes including silver, rose gold, glass, wood look, crystal and diamanté frames. A Gibson photo frame is the perfect accompaniment to any store or website that sells quality gifts.

Photo Frames & Albums

Photo Frames & Albums

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  1. Silver Curtain Frame 8X10
    Silver Curtain Frame 8X10
    Product Code: 36385
  2. Silver Curtain Frame 6X8
    Silver Curtain Frame 6X8
    Product Code: 36386
  3. Hammered Silver Frame 8X10
    Hammered Silver Frame 8X10
    Product Code: 36389
  4. Silver Hearts Frame 6X8
    Silver Hearts Frame 6X8
    Product Code: 37089
  5. Silver Hearts Frm 8X10
    Silver Hearts Frm 8X10
    Product Code: 37090
  6. Classic Silver Double Frm 4X6
    Classic Silver Double Frm 4X6
    Product Code: 37099
  7. Silver Satin Heart Frame 3X3
    Silver Satin Heart Frame 3X3
    Product Code: 37114
  8. Silver Satin Frame 4X6
    Silver Satin Frame 4X6
    Product Code: 37115
  9. Silver Satin Frame 5X7
    Silver Satin Frame 5X7
    Product Code: 37116
  10. Silver Satin Frame 8X10
    Silver Satin Frame 8X10
    Product Code: 37117


Photo frames and albums make the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas and even Mother’s Day - so don’t leave them out of your offering. Choose a variation of sizes and styles, with silver, gold and white gold options available. These products are always a favourite for customers looking for a thoughtful gift.