Are you looking for wholesale outdoor and garden products in Australia? Our Gibson Gifts team are always looking for the perfect gifts for your business and customers, so check back to see what outdoor and garden decor we have next. For all of your customers’ outdoor entertaining and gardening needs, you are sure to find something your customers will love right here on our website. You can also peruse the other gifts on the website to see if anything appeals to your customer type!

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  1. Peace Wind Spinner    R
    Peace Wind Spinner R
    Product Code: 53600
  2. Sunface Wind Spinner  R
    Sunface Wind Spinner R
    Product Code: 53601
  3. Buddha Wind Spinner   R
    Buddha Wind Spinner R
    Product Code: 53602
  4. Rose Gold Mystic Chime (3)
    Rose Gold Mystic Chime (3)
    Product Code: 54664
  5. Rose Gold Mystic Spiral (3)
    Rose Gold Mystic Spiral (3)
    Product Code: 54665
  6. Rose Gold Crystal Tol Charm (3
    Rose Gold Crystal Tol Charm (3
    Product Code: 54666
  7. Rose Gold Crystal Charm (3)
    Rose Gold Crystal Charm (3)
    Product Code: 54667
  8. Elements Garden Wind Chime (3)
    Elements Garden Wind Chime (3)
    Product Code: 20722
  9. Elements Buddha Mobile (3)
    Elements Buddha Mobile (3)
    Product Code: 20723
  10. Elements Crystal Spiral (3)
    Elements Crystal Spiral (3)
    Product Code: 20724

Shop Our Full Range of Wholesale Outdoor & Garden Products

Here at Gibson Gifts, we stock a great range of wholesale outdoor entertainment and gardening products suited to practically every customer’s needs. From retro, decorative plant pots of various shapes, sizes, hues and descriptions - some even inscribed with text, to a wide range of wind spinners in almost every colour of the rainbow - including orange, red, purple, light blue and green - our outdoor and garden products are sure to make an impact. Choose from our great range to satisfy your customers’ green thumbs, and make sure you always have the best stock available for them at all times.

Why Choose Gibson Gifts for Your Wholesale Outdoor & Garden Stock?

Because we send out orders quickly, promptly and efficiently, you don’t have to worry about being out of stock for long! Our wholesale outdoor and garden gifts and accessories range will have your shopfront stocked up in no time. With a wide variety of inventory to choose from and the best, most cost-effective wholesale rates and price points, our retail partners can be in stock at the best possible prices - maximising profit margins and store revenue. We are proud to supply you with good quality wholesale stock at the most competitive wholesale prices.