Stock your store with a collection of fun, must-have novelty items all in their own display stands – they look so good they will sell themselves! Placed by the register, these novelty counter display units are a great way to increase your $ per sale. With items including back scratchers, torches, shoehorns, jar openers, mini screwdriver sets plus lots more – they will appeal to the customer looking for something a little bit different. Find the right novelty counter display unit (CDU) and order today from Gibson Gifts.

Novelty Cdu

Novelty Cdu

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  1. Rfid Card Protection Case(4)
    Rfid Card Protection Case(4)
    Product Code: 36990
  2. Mr Fan (6)
    Mr Fan (6)
    Product Code: 37342
  3. Kids Screen Protect Glass(20)
    Kids Screen Protect Glass(20)
    Product Code: 86785
  4. Anti Germ Multi Tool (2)
    Anti Germ Multi Tool (2)
    Product Code: 53006
  5. Led Touch Light  (2)
    Led Touch Light (2)
    Product Code: 53007
  6. Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (6)
    Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (6)
    Product Code: 53009
  7. Chill Me Mist Water Bottle (4)
    Chill Me Mist Water Bottle (4)
    Product Code: 53287
  8. Syringe Highlight Pen (5)
    Syringe Highlight Pen (5)
    Product Code: 53748
  9. Retractable Leash (4)
    Retractable Leash (4)
    Product Code: 53776
  10. Maskit AntiFog Lens Wipes 30 pc Box
    Maskit AntiFog Lens Wipes 30 pc Box
    Product Code: 54197


Being a fantastic standout retail business isn’t always about the big products. Sometimes, it’s the little things that need a little more love, such as the products that line your counter. CDUs for retail is a big part of the retail store experience, and they are something that will invariably stand out to people whether they’re walking in for the first time or waiting to pay for their purchases.

At Gibson Gifts, we stock a fantastically fun selection of Australian wholesale novelty products for you to choose from, including CDUs for retail, jar openers, computer reading glasses, and a wide array of other knick-knacks and unique little gifts. That way, you can make sure that you have the best of the best for your customers no matter where they are in their purchasing journey.

Explore Wholesale CPUs for Retail, Novelty Gifts & More With Gibson!

Gibson Gifts works to curate a range of novelty counter display units that are easy to display and attractive, designed to gain the attention of your customers. Sample a mixed variety and see what resonates with your customers, or choose the products that are most aligned with your current giftware stock. Be sure to check back as the Novelty CDU range is frequently replenished.