You can never have enough masks, and your customers are always going to feel the same and have their eye out for a stylish new mask. Gibson Gifts supplies gifts to all kinds of stores all over Australia, and we have searched to secure quality giftware that customers will find useful. Order your batch of masks today.



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  1. 3M Pack Of 25 Masks
    3M Pack Of 25 Masks
    Product Code: 79455
  2. 3M Pack Of 5 Masks
    3M Pack Of 5 Masks
    Product Code: 79454
  3. Anti Fog Cleaning Cloth
    Anti Fog Cleaning Cloth
    Product Code: 00310
  4. Clungene Rapd Antgn Test S5
    Clungene Rapd Antgn Test S5
    Product Code: 00316
  5. Maskit Fashion Chain (16)
    Maskit Fashion Chain (16)
    Product Code: 54385
  6. Maskit AntiFog Lens Wipes 30 pc Box
    Maskit AntiFog Lens Wipes 30 pc Box
    Product Code: 54197
  7. Maskit Face Mask Tartan (4)
    Maskit Face Mask Tartan (4)
    Product Code: 54137
  8. Maskit Face Mask Polka Dot (4)
    Maskit Face Mask Polka Dot (4)
    Product Code: 54130
  9. Maskit Pretty Pastels (4)
    Maskit Pretty Pastels (4)
    Product Code: 53493
  10. Maskit Msk Koala Occupation(4)
    Maskit Msk Koala Occupation(4)
    Product Code: 52842

Shop Our Full Range of Wholesale Masks

Not just for a costume or dress-up party, special occasion, celebration, or corporate work function or event - masks are now an everyday essential for many customers choosing to protect their health with face coverings such as cotton and breathable masks. Luckily, you can shop our full range of wholesale masks to sell to your customers, and ensure that you have a great range of masks in stock whenever they need them. From plain white cotton masks to face protectors in every colour imaginable - you can find them right here on our website. We also stock anti-fog lens protectors and cleaners for mask wearers who also wear glasses - as we all know how annoying it can be when your glasses fog up when you are wearing a mask! Also available on our website are our oral Rapid Antigen Tests. Stock up now and have them on hand to sell to your customers when they need them.  

Why Choose Gibson Gifts for Your Wholesale Masks Stock?

As well as offering competitive wholesale rates, Gibson Gifts also send out orders promptly, so that you receive your mask stock as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our wholesale masks also come professionally packed, in sterile boxes, and sanitised, so you know that they are safe to sell to your customers straight away. Increase your profit on mask sales by purchasing them from us wholesale.