Gibson Gifts endeavours to offer stores the best of the best in terms of wholesale giftware options. However, giftware means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, which is why we offer an enormous number of different giftware ranges across our 4000+ product selection. The Mandala Home wholesale range is one of those ranges, offering a beautiful selection of intricately elegant, clean wood designs. Explore the Mandala Home range for yourself below, and log in to learn more.

Mandala Home

Mandala Home

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  1. Mandala Home Coasters S/6
    Mandala Home Coasters S/6
    Product Code: 20101
  2. Mandala Home Wall Clock
    Mandala Home Wall Clock
    Product Code: 20099
  3. Mandala Home 4 Drawer
    Mandala Home 4 Drawer
    Product Code: 20097
  4. Mandala Home 3 Drawer
    Mandala Home 3 Drawer
    Product Code: 20096
  5. Mandala Home Dbl Candleholder
    Mandala Home Dbl Candleholder
    Product Code: 20095
  6. Mandala Home Candleholder
    Mandala Home Candleholder
    Product Code: 20094
  7. Mandala Home Tray
    Mandala Home Tray
    Product Code: 20093
  8. Mandala Home Tea Box
    Mandala Home Tea Box
    Product Code: 20092
  9. Mandala Home Frame 4X4
    Mandala Home Frame 4X4
    Product Code: 20091
  10. Mandala Home Heart Box
    Mandala Home Heart Box
    Product Code: 20100

Mandala Home: Beautiful Designs With An Understated Style

Sometimes, the most beautiful items in a home are those which don’t try to be too flashy, those which offer a sense of calm, classy style that will draw the eye without overwhelming it. That’s what the wholesale Mandala Home range from Gibson Gifts evokes, bringing your store and your customers a cohesively chic collection of drawers, candleholders, boxes, and more that are sure to make an indelible impact in the minds of those who add them to their homes.

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