Gibson Gifts brings a touch of the Amalfi Coast to summer 2024. A beautiful gift or entertainers decor feature range, this fashonable tablewear is sure to please customers .  Gibson Gifts brings unique wholesale giftware to Australian retailers that we know your customers will love.

Lemon Grove

Lemon Grove

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  1. Lemon Grove Mug
    Lemon Grove Mug
    Product Code: 20486
  2. Lemon Grove Mug Set 2
    Lemon Grove Mug Set 2
    Product Code: 20487
  3. Lemon Grove Coaster Set 4
    Lemon Grove Coaster Set 4
    Product Code: 20489
  4. Lemon Grove Placemat Set 4
    Lemon Grove Placemat Set 4
    Product Code: 20490
  5. Lemon Grove Tray Small
    Lemon Grove Tray Small
    Product Code: 20491
  6. Lemon Grove Tea Towel
    Lemon Grove Tea Towel
    Product Code: 20493
  7. Lemon Grove Single Oven Glove
    Lemon Grove Single Oven Glove
    Product Code: 20494
  8. Lemon Grove Apron
    Lemon Grove Apron
    Product Code: 20495
  9. Lemon Grove Stemless Glass
    Lemon Grove Stemless Glass
    Product Code: 20496
  10. Lemon Grove Vase
    Lemon Grove Vase
    Product Code: 20497

Explore Our Selection of Wholesale Lemon Grove Jugs, Mugs, and More!

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a fantastic time for lemons. From the lemonade of the summer to the hot lemon tea that goes down well on winter nights, it’s no wonder that lemon designs have stayed so popular. For this, Gibson Gifts has put together a beautiful selection of Lemon Grove items that speak to the citrus lover in all of us. With a charming array of matching wholesale Lemon Grove jugs, tea towels, mugs, and other kitchen staples, you can keep your kitchen looking fresh and vibrant all year round.

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If you’re looking for a way to give your customers that little extra zest, then the Lemon Grove range is certainly the choice for you. For more information on each individual product, sign in, or contact one of our team members to learn more.