Customers can never have enough kids' toys and plush animals, especially when there is more than one little one around the house. Gibson Gifts have an adorable collection of Australian wholesale kids' collectibles and plush animals for all ages and genders. Super cute, super soft and super cuddly bears, bunnies, monkeys, unicorns, sheep, elephants and adorable gnome like characters will satisfy every customer request.

Kids & Plush

Kids & Plush

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  1. Princess Heart Mscl Jewel Box
    Princess Heart Mscl Jewel Box
    Product Code: 54632
  2. Princess Oval Mscl Jewel Box
    Princess Oval Mscl Jewel Box
    Product Code: 54633
  3. Butterfly Heart Mscl Jewel Box
    Butterfly Heart Mscl Jewel Box
    Product Code: 54634
  4. Butterfly Oval Mscl Jewel Box
    Butterfly Oval Mscl Jewel Box
    Product Code: 54635
  5. Unicorn Mscl Jewel Box
    Unicorn Mscl Jewel Box
    Product Code: 54636
  6. Unicorn Mscl Chest Box
    Unicorn Mscl Chest Box
    Product Code: 54637
  7. Unicorn Detangle Brush (3)
    Unicorn Detangle Brush (3)
    Product Code: 53919
  8. Happy Fairy
    Happy Fairy
    Product Code: 51526
  9. Ballerina Fairy
    Ballerina Fairy
    Product Code: 51528
  10. Love Fairy
    Love Fairy
    Product Code: 51529


There’s nothing quite like the connection a child can make with a plush toy, and with them being one of the most popular choices for gifts, it’s good to have a high-quality selection. That’s where Gibson Gifts is here to help, providing you with a wealth of fantastic wholesale kids & plush toys in Australia to choose from.

A Wide Array of Wholesale Kids Toys to Explore

From kangaroos and giant lions to astronauts, happy fairies, hippos and more, Gibson Gifts can help you deliver whatever your customers need. Our range is beautifully designed and manufactured, and given that they are wholesale kids & plush toys, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible price on bulk orders.

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Did you find the kids' toy or plush doll you were looking for? The Gibson Gifts team are always sourcing the best wholesale Australian gifts, so be sure to come back and see the changing collection so you can refresh your offering and surprise your customers.