Are you looking for a way to brighten up your product range with some beautiful colours and floral designs? Well, the Gibson Gifts Kaleidoscope butterfly collection of wholesale giftware range has been designed to give customers something to flutter about. Coming in beautiful pinks, lavenders, blue and multi-coloured, the Kaleidoscope wholesale giftware range is sure to add some much-needed colour and serenity to your collection.



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  1. Kaleido Butterfly Coaster S/4
    Kaleido Butterfly Coaster S/4
    Product Code: 20335
  2. Kaleido Butterfly Placemat S/4
    Kaleido Butterfly Placemat S/4
    Product Code: 20336
  3. Kaleido Butterfly Tea Towel(3)
    Kaleido Butterfly Tea Towel(3)
    Product Code: 20338
  4. Kaleido B/Fly Shopping Bag (3)
    Kaleido B/Fly Shopping Bag (3)
    Product Code: 20340
  5. Kaleido Bfly Omit& Pot Hold (3
    Kaleido Bfly Omit& Pot Hold (3
    Product Code: 20341
  6. Kaleido Butterfly Tea For 1(3)
    Kaleido Butterfly Tea For 1(3)
    Product Code: 20361
  7. Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mug (3)
    Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mug (3)
    Product Code: 20334
  8. Kaleidoscope Butterfly Tray(3)
    Kaleidoscope Butterfly Tray(3)
    Product Code: 20337
  9. Kaleidoscope Butterfly Apron(3
    Kaleidoscope Butterfly Apron(3
    Product Code: 20339

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There are some styles that tend to never go out of fashion. They’re the designs and colours that are simply pleasant and work within any space, which is what we’ve tried to evoke with the Kaleidoscope giftware collection. This beautiful range of travel tea for ones, tea towels, aprons, and a full selection of tableware is the perfect balancing act between eye-catching and subtly, making this collection absolutely perfect for Mother’s Day, birthday shoppers, or any customer that just wants to add a dash of colour to their interiors.

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