Expand your store’s clothing and accessories with stylish caps and beanies to keep your customers comfortable, year-round. These hats are available in kids' and adult sizes, in versatile colours. Gibson Gifts offers stylish gift products to suit all store niches, and these hats are sure to please. Registered partners can order hats wholesale. Stock your store with our wholesale hats and headwear accessories, and your customers will love you! 



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  1. Essence Character Beanie (3)
    Essence Character Beanie (3)
    Product Code: 21038
  2. Essence Kids Stars Beanie (3)
    Essence Kids Stars Beanie (3)
    Product Code: 21037
  3. Essence Kids Dinosaur (3)
    Essence Kids Dinosaur (3)
    Product Code: 21036
  4. Essence Kids Sprinkles (3)
    Essence Kids Sprinkles (3)
    Product Code: 21035
  5. Essence Mens Beanie (4)
    Essence Mens Beanie (4)
    Product Code: 21033
  6. Essence Rainbow Beanie (4)
    Essence Rainbow Beanie (4)
    Product Code: 21032
  7. Essence Chenille Beanie (4)
    Essence Chenille Beanie (4)
    Product Code: 21031
  8. Essence Plush Beanie (4)
    Essence Plush Beanie (4)
    Product Code: 21030
  9. Essence Cable Pompom Beanie(4)
    Essence Cable Pompom Beanie(4)
    Product Code: 21029
  10. Essence Plush Stripe Scarf (3)
    Essence Plush Stripe Scarf (3)
    Product Code: 21047

Shop Our Full Range of Wholesale Hats

From adult beanies to kid’s beach and sun hats to stylish fashion accessories and headwear for both men and women, Gibson Gifts have a huge range of wholesale hats to choose from. Find the perfect headwear accessories to sell to your customers right here on our website, and better yet, secure them at a wholesale price! For the perfect summer accessories, why not choose an elegant fedora, simple bucket hat, or a cute floppy kid’s sun hat by the sun protection headwear brand Essence Summer? Otherwise, you can choose to stock wholesale warm and cosy beanies and accessories for adults and kids alike, by Essense Winter headwear. 

Why Choose Gibson Gifts for Your Wholesale Hats Supply?

Offering a versatile, eclectic range of headwear accessories, Gibson Gifts is proud to supply our retail partners with wholesale hats to sell to their customers. Importantly, your customers want headgear that is not only stylish and fashionable but also protective from the sun, as well as warm in winter. Best of all, when you stock up your headwear supply with Gibson Gifts, you will secure your wholesale hats at competitive prices, making it more cost-effective for you to fill your online shop’s inventory and store shelves. Best yet, our quick and prompt dispatch of your order means you don’t have to wait too long for your stock to arrive.