Beautifully crafted hand painted glassware can lift any occasion and make a truly special gift. Gibson Gifts has a selection of vases,  stemmed and stemless glassware 

Hand Painted Glassware

Hand Painted Glassware

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  1. Handpainted Fruit Glass (6)
    Handpainted Fruit Glass (6)
    Product Code: 20113
  2. Handpainted Fruit Carafe (6)
    Handpainted Fruit Carafe (6)
    Product Code: 20112
  3. Hand Painted Art Vase (3)
    Hand Painted Art Vase (3)
    Product Code: 54897
  4. Handpainted Art Glass (6)
    Handpainted Art Glass (6)
    Product Code: 54890
  5. Handpainted Blossom D/Fly Gls
    Handpainted Blossom D/Fly Gls
    Product Code: 54896
  6. Handpainted Butterflies Glass
    Handpainted Butterflies Glass
    Product Code: 54895
  7. Handpainted Bees/W/Flower Gls
    Handpainted Bees/W/Flower Gls
    Product Code: 54894
  8. Handpainted Poppies Glass
    Handpainted Poppies Glass
    Product Code: 54893
  9. Handpainted Bluebells Glass
    Handpainted Bluebells Glass
    Product Code: 54892
  10. Handpainted Lily Glass
    Handpainted Lily Glass
    Product Code: 54891

Explore the Wholesale Hand-Painted Glassware Range From Gibson Gifts

It’s not every day that we get to stock products that truly feel handmade. There’s something ineffably tactile about hand-painted products, with the little changes and imperfections that make each one unique really adding something to the experience of using them. We as people just love to have and work with things that clearly had work put into them by another human being, and Gibson Gifts’ beautiful range of wholesale hand-painted glassware is no different.

Boasting a lovely, charming array of floral designs and patterns, the Gibson Gifts hand-painted glassware range is truly unique among wholesale giftware products. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to make your store’s collection stand out, then these simple, elegantly sweet designs might be just the pick for you. To learn more about purchases and pricing, log in, or speak with one of our specialists today.