Are your customers looking for Kitty the Cat Gonkie, or are you looking to fill your shop with Digby the Dog or Ted the Bear? Gonkies are becoming Australia’s favourite collectible, and these plush toys pack a lot of personality. Choose from a variety of girls Gonkies, special event Gonkies, or tailor a range which resonates with your customerbase.



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  1. Gonkies Sparkles The Unicorn
    Gonkies Sparkles The Unicorn
    Product Code: 54450
  2. Gonkies Digby The Dog
    Gonkies Digby The Dog
    Product Code: 54453
  3. Gonkies Kitty The Cat
    Gonkies Kitty The Cat
    Product Code: 54454
  4. Gonkies Buzz The Bee
    Gonkies Buzz The Bee
    Product Code: 54462
  5. Gonkies Lucky Paddy
    Gonkies Lucky Paddy
    Product Code: 54465
  6. Gonkies Dancing Daisy
    Gonkies Dancing Daisy
    Product Code: 54467
  7. Gonkies Friends Forever
    Gonkies Friends Forever
    Product Code: 54472
  8. Gonkies Walt The Wizard
    Gonkies Walt The Wizard
    Product Code: 54476
  9. Gonkies Florence The Nurse
    Gonkies Florence The Nurse
    Product Code: 54482
  10. Gonkies Best Teacher
    Gonkies Best Teacher
    Product Code: 54484


Shop Gonkies at Gibson Gifts, available at Australian wholesale prices for approved businesses. You can also find a range of other products and toys to add to your order, so that every customer need is considered. Gonkies toys sell well as birthday and Christmas gifts, or for any special occasion. Our Gibson Gifts team are always replenishing stock so check back to see what Gonkies are available to keep your store stocked.