Life Charms is a beautiful and thoughtful range of bracelets which are exclusive to Gibson Gifts. Featuring over 40 occassions and people to celebrate, there is an affordable gift option for all of your customers. Compactly displayed on a spinning stand, this range consumes little space and provides high return. Purchase the stand with stock to get your Life Charms journey started or refill your existing stand by replenishing your top selling bracelets.

Life Charms

Life Charms

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  1. Life Charms Bracelet Mum
    Life Charms Bracelet Mum
    Product Code: 20226
  2. Life Charms Bracelet Best Mum
    Life Charms Bracelet Best Mum
    Product Code: 20227
  3. Life Charms Bracelet Grandma
    Life Charms Bracelet Grandma
    Product Code: 20228
  4. Life Charms Bracelet Nan
    Life Charms Bracelet Nan
    Product Code: 20229
  5. Life Charms Blet Granddaughte
    Life Charms Blet Granddaughte
    Product Code: 20230
  6. Life Charms Bracelet Daughter
    Life Charms Bracelet Daughter
    Product Code: 20231
  7. Life Charms Bracelet Sister
    Life Charms Bracelet Sister
    Product Code: 20232
  8. Life Charms Bracelet Niece
    Life Charms Bracelet Niece
    Product Code: 20233
  9. Life Charms B/Let God Daughte
    Life Charms B/Let God Daughte
    Product Code: 20234
  10. Life Charms Bracelet Auntie
    Life Charms Bracelet Auntie
    Product Code: 20235

Wholesale Matching Bracelets For Mums, Grandmas, Daughters & More From Gibson Gifts

There’s something to be celebrated in every person we care about, and that celebration often comes in the form of buying gifts. Just giving someone something to show that we’re thinking of them and that we want them to feel happy and loved is a big part of life and one that people are always going to need a way to do. The Gibson Gifts Life Charms line is made exactly for that, offering a range of wholesale bracelets for grandmas, nieces, mums, daughters, and more that can be carried with loved ones for years to come. 

It’s often the simplest things in life that we cherish most, and if you want to offer your customers something that their loved ones can truly keep with them forever, the wholesale Life Charm range is for you. Log in for prices, or speak with us today if you’d like to learn more.