Gratitude glass jars was founded by Claire summers. After experiencing a series of deeply traumatic life events within a 7 month period, the last of which saw her nearly pass away. Claire created the gratitude glass jar as a visual tool to help herself heal. Capturing daily notes of gratitude allowed claire to see her abundance rise - enabling her to spiral upwards towards the light & regain faith in the world.

Gratitude glass jars has now developed into the lifestyle brand Gratitude. Providing an assortment of lifestyle products that encourage people to pause. Share their stories & inspire others. From humble beginnings & inspired by the heart. The range has expanded into homes across the world. Spreading the movement of gratitude globally.

Gratitude Candles Diffusers

Gratitude Candles Diffusers

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  1. With Gratitude Jar (4)
    With Gratitude Jar (4)
    Product Code: 54594
  2. Gratitude Jar
    Gratitude Jar
    Product Code: 54595
  3. Wish Jar
    Wish Jar
    Product Code: 54596
  4. Wedding Wishes Jar
    Wedding Wishes Jar
    Product Code: 54597
  5. Baby Wishes Jar
    Baby Wishes Jar
    Product Code: 54598
  6. Wedding Wishes Pen
    Wedding Wishes Pen
    Product Code: 54579


Celebrated as one of Oprah's Favourite Things in 2017, the Gratitude Range is designed to remind us the more grateful you are, the more present you become, the more joy you bring, into your life.

This range of wholesale inspirational giftware is designed in Australia by Claire Summers and exclusive to Gibson Gifts in the Australian market. For a unique range of gifts, don't go past the Gratitude Range.