Gibson gifts have a wide collection of hats and accessories for both adults and children to fight the cold and keep you looking hot! On trend fashion, great retail price points and free display stands, The Essence Winter hat range is a proven best seller and will be a popular gift for your customers to buy. The Winter range includes men’s & ladies beanies, super cute kid’s beanies and our brand-new winter scarves.

Essence Winter

Essence Winter

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  1. Essence Cashmera Scarf (12)
    Essence Cashmera Scarf (12)
    Product Code: 54002
  2. Essence Adult Beanie (18)
    Essence Adult Beanie (18)
    Product Code: 53989
  3. Essence Kids Beanie (15)
    Essence Kids Beanie (15)
    Product Code: 53996
  4. Ladies Crystal Beanie (3)
    Ladies Crystal Beanie (3)
    Product Code: 53990
  5. Ladies Pearl Beanie (3)
    Ladies Pearl Beanie (3)
    Product Code: 53991
  6. Ladies Sparkle Cable Beanie (3
    Ladies Sparkle Cable Beanie (3
    Product Code: 53992
  7. Kids Striped Beanie (3)
    Kids Striped Beanie (3)
    Product Code: 53999
  8. Kids Cute Owl Beanie (3)
    Kids Cute Owl Beanie (3)
    Product Code: 54000
  9. Kids Metallic Stripe Beanie(3)
    Kids Metallic Stripe Beanie(3)
    Product Code: 53198
  10. Ladies Cashmera Colour Scarf(4
    Ladies Cashmera Colour Scarf(4
    Product Code: 54003


Kids and adult beanies can make the perfect gift, year-round - especially if your store welcomes customers looking for something toasty for the cooler months. These versatile patterns and quality materials make the Essence Winter range stand out in any store. View the collection today and enjoy wholesale prices for approved retail customers.