Essence Accessories are made for kids and adults alike, with a full range of colours, fits and styles to suit all your customers. Gibson Gifts stocks Essence hats and accessories for approved retailers with a minimum spend of $300. Get prepared and equip your store or website for summer with these Essence Accessories.

Essence Accessories

Essence Accessories

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  1. Compact Colour Umbrella (4)
    Compact Colour Umbrella (4)
    Product Code: 20302
  2. Fashion Golf Umbrella (4)
    Fashion Golf Umbrella (4)
    Product Code: 20304
  3. Kids Rainbow Umbrella (4)
    Kids Rainbow Umbrella (4)
    Product Code: 20306
  4. Essence Adult Beanie (20)
    Essence Adult Beanie (20)
    Product Code: 21028
  5. Essence Cable Pompom Beanie(4)
    Essence Cable Pompom Beanie(4)
    Product Code: 21029
  6. Essence Plush Beanie (4)
    Essence Plush Beanie (4)
    Product Code: 21030
  7. Essence Chenille Beanie (4)
    Essence Chenille Beanie (4)
    Product Code: 21031
  8. Essence Rainbow Beanie (4)
    Essence Rainbow Beanie (4)
    Product Code: 21032
  9. Essence Kids Beanie (12)
    Essence Kids Beanie (12)
    Product Code: 21034
  10. Essence Kids Sprinkles (3)
    Essence Kids Sprinkles (3)
    Product Code: 21035


Shop your Essence Accessories at Gibson Gifts, so that your customers can upgrade their wardrobe or find that fabulous gift for a friend or family member. If your customers are looking for kids and family items, be sure to check out the other products and accessories available at Gibson Gifts.