Bug Art has been creating giftware for over 30 years for the international market. Every Bug Art design has a tiny little bug hidden somewhere in the image and some customers love to look for them.  Gibson Gifts has worked with Bug Art to bring Australian retailers a beautifully unique product range that we know your customers will love.

Bug Art

Bug Art

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  1. Bug Art Gift Bag (6)
    Bug Art Gift Bag (6)
    Product Code: 20445
  2. Bug Art Memo Pad & Pen (6)
    Bug Art Memo Pad & Pen (6)
    Product Code: 20444
  3. Bug Art Animal Note Book (6)
    Bug Art Animal Note Book (6)
    Product Code: 20442
  4. Bug Art Animal Mug (6)
    Bug Art Animal Mug (6)
    Product Code: 20439

A Fun Range of Wholesale Bug Art Products in Australia

While Bug Art is mainly known for their unique brand of greeting card art, 30 years of success has certainly shown that the Bug Art style is more than strong enough to stand on its own across a wide array of products. A UK-based company, Bug Art has expanded its reach internationally, becoming quite iconic in their field and cementing itself as an identifiable brand and art style that has stood the test of time.

At Gibson Gifts, we are thrilled to provide our retail partners with wholesale Bug Art products in Australia. From wholesale trays to wholesale animal notebooks, wholesale water bottles, and more, the wholesale Bug Art range is sure to look great in your product range. So, why wait? Explore Gibson Gifts’ wholesale Australian Bug Art collection, and see if you can find the bug yourself!