Baby products are without a doubt some of the top-selling products in the market. Needless to say, new parents love to shop for their babies! Not to mention the multitude of gifts parents and their babies receive from family and friends. Of course, as babies grow - so does the need for customers to buy baby gifts to suit every occasion. Be it a baby shower, newborn gifts, or a baby’s first birthday, as our retail partners you can source and procure a wide range of wholesale baby gifts products for your customers right here on our website.



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  1. Baby Boy Frame 6X4
    Baby Boy Frame 6X4
    Product Code: 21081
  2. Baby Girl Frame 6X4
    Baby Girl Frame 6X4
    Product Code: 21082
  3. Baby Boy Keep Sake Box
    Baby Boy Keep Sake Box
    Product Code: 21083
  4. Baby Girl Keep Sake Box
    Baby Girl Keep Sake Box
    Product Code: 21084
  5. Baby Boy Photo Album
    Baby Boy Photo Album
    Product Code: 21085
  6. Baby Girl Photo Album
    Baby Girl Photo Album
    Product Code: 21086
  7. Rollie Pollie Teething Ring(6)
    Rollie Pollie Teething Ring(6)
    Product Code: 54276
  8. Rollie Pollie Squeaker (6)
    Rollie Pollie Squeaker (6)
    Product Code: 54277
  9. Rollie Pollie Animals (6)
    Rollie Pollie Animals (6)
    Product Code: 54278
  10. Rollie Pollie Max The Monkey
    Rollie Pollie Max The Monkey
    Product Code: 54270

Shop Our Full Range of Baby Products Wholesale

The Gibson Gifts website is a great spot to source wholesale baby products to sell to your customers. Gibson Gifts are proud to stock a big selection of baby gifts, including a great range of fluffy baby soft toys by popular brand Rollie Pollie. These soft toys are the perfect baby gift as they come in a range of cute and cuddly animal shapes - including Freddie Frog, Eunice Unicorn, Fiona the Fox, Daisy the Duck, Eddie Elephant, and Max the Monkey. Better yet, Rollie Pollie soft toys also come in pre-packaged gift pack bundles featuring each of the animal versions, making it even easier to stock your shelves or online store with wholesale baby gifts and products. 

Why Choose Gibson Gifts for Your Wholesale Baby Products?

Enjoy competitive, cost-effective Australian wholesale prices at Gibson Gifts, for all your baby product stock needs. In addition, all of our products are promptly sent out upon ordering, so they can get onto your shelves quickly! Our carefully curated range of baby products is purpose-built to please every parent and suit the interests of all babies, at every age.