Bring some True-Blue Aussie flair to your store, with these iconic and fun products! Gibson Gifts have curated a collection of useful products including mugs, coasters, placemats, pens, tea towels, notebooks and magnets.

Designed by leading Australian artists featuring Aussie animals and sunny scenes front and centre – watch your sales soar. Shop these Australiana products, your customers will love them to enjoy at home or as a gift to someone special.



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  1. Australian Animal Soap (6)
    Australian Animal Soap (6)
    Product Code: 39856
  2. Aust Flora Soap (12)
    Aust Flora Soap (12)
    Product Code: 39857
  3. Aust Flora Hand Cream(6
    Aust Flora Hand Cream(6
    Product Code: 39858
  4. Aust Flora Sachet 12Pce (4)
    Aust Flora Sachet 12Pce (4)
    Product Code: 51704
  5. Aust Flora Drawliners (4)
    Aust Flora Drawliners (4)
    Product Code: 51705
  6. Aust Flora Eye Mask (4)
    Aust Flora Eye Mask (4)
    Product Code: 51706
  7. Aust Flora Cosmetic Bag S/2 (4
    Aust Flora Cosmetic Bag S/2 (4
    Product Code: 51708
  8. Aust Flora Shower Cap (4)
    Aust Flora Shower Cap (4)
    Product Code: 51709
  9. Cr Aust Birds Cosmetic Bag (4)
    Cr Aust Birds Cosmetic Bag (4)
    Product Code: 51710
  10. Aust Flora Mug (4)
    Aust Flora Mug (4)
    Product Code: 51713


Find the slice of Australiana you were looking for? Gibson Gifts are always searching for new products to serve our trusted partners, so check back to see what is new for your customers. You can find a huge collection of other gifts, products and accessories here on the website to get your store or business prepared for every holiday and special event.