Aromatherapy is an ever-growing market, with many customers looking to improve the atmosphere in their homes or places of work. From corporate customers seeking to fill their office space with a vibrant, invigorating, and refreshing scents through to everyday consumers who wish for their home to be pleasantly fragranced with soothing, relaxing aromas which create a sweet-smelling sensory sanctuary; aromatherapy products are the go-to wellness items for many customers! With self-care a priority for so many, your customers will want to see aromatherapy and wellness products stocked on your shelves or available in your online store. 



Aroma Wellness

Aroma Wellness

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  1. Bee-Tanical Candle (4)
    Bee-Tanical Candle (4)
    Product Code: 20875
  2. Bee-Tanical Diffuser (4)
    Bee-Tanical Diffuser (4)
    Product Code: 20876
  3. Jewelled Love You Mum Candle
    Jewelled Love You Mum Candle
    Product Code: 20485
  4. Jewelled Happy Birthday Candle
    Jewelled Happy Birthday Candle
    Product Code: 20844
  5. Jewelled 18Th Birthday Candle
    Jewelled 18Th Birthday Candle
    Product Code: 20845
  6. Jewelled 21St Birthday Candle
    Jewelled 21St Birthday Candle
    Product Code: 20846
  7. Jewelled 30Th Birthday Candle
    Jewelled 30Th Birthday Candle
    Product Code: 20847
  8. Jewelled 40Th Birthday Candle
    Jewelled 40Th Birthday Candle
    Product Code: 20848
  9. Jewelled 50Th Birthday Candle
    Jewelled 50Th Birthday Candle
    Product Code: 20849
  10. Jewelled 60Th Birthday Candle
    Jewelled 60Th Birthday Candle
    Product Code: 20850

Shop Our Full Range of Aroma Wellness 

Shop the range of aromatherapy gift products, and select the items that will resonate with your customers. Your customers will love the aroma wellness products that Gibson Gifts have sourced for you! Our extensive range and quality selection of superior fragrance diffusers, candles and essential oils will win your customers over time and time again. For instance, the essential oils by Aromist that are stocked and distributed by Gibson Gifts are available in a wide range of high-quality fragrances and scents, which each hold various healing properties - wellness products that are sure to wow your customers!

Why Choose Gibson Gifts as Your Wholesale Aroma Distributor?

Gibson Gifts take great pride in stocking and supplying superior quality aromatherapy wellness products to retailers. For example, the essential oils, candles and fragrance diffusers we stock and distribute are packaged in boutique packaging and are also available in unique fragrances and blends. As your wholesale aroma distributor, you can be confident that Gibson Gifts will supply you with the aroma wellness items your customers will love.